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PostSubject: bloodrazor   Fri 23 Jan 2009, 10:24

General Information:
Name:Maikel Geerts

Character Name:Bloodrazor
Spec:Demo/Destr Raid spec
Guild History:Oranje leeuwen, The war chiefs

Armoury link (as you may not have you raid gear on generally you can also list your stats for mainspec here)
(Guest's are not able to post links.)
Played time on Character:
71 days 9hours
-Fill if cross realm applicant-
Current Realm:Arathor
Reasons for leaving the realm:

Reputation (friendly/honored/revered/exalted):
Argent Crusade:Friendly
Kirin Tor:Exhaulted
Knights of the Ebon Hand:Friendly
Sons of Hodir:Friendly
The Wyrmrest Accord:Friendly

What are your current professions, their level and do you have any patterns/designs/plans/recipes worth mentioning?

herba 450 Alchemy 415 , Potion master
Do you currently know anyone in Midnightsun who can support your application?

Yloh, shadowpriest
Why are you applying to Midnightsun and what do you feel you can add?

I feel like i can aadd a new team spirit
What is your goal in World of Warcraft?

have fun and epics
What PvE experience do you have?


What is the hardest boss you have faced, and why?

Dont not really know what was the hardest but TK comes close
Are you willing to respec or do you feel your current spec brings something special?:
Demo/Destr is Good dps spec but im willing to respec if must

Are you able to raid theese times: (yes/no) YES
(We are currently deciding what days to raid, 3 week raids and maybe one on the weekend)
-weekdays 19:00-23:00
-weekends 19:00-24:00

Have you read our and understood our guild rules?

Is there anything you would like to add to your application?:
Nope nothing now
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