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 Midnightsun's Guild rules

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PostSubject: Midnightsun's Guild rules   Midnightsun's Guild rules I_icon_minitimeMon 04 Jan 2010, 07:21

1. 0 - Midnightsun Guild rules

1.1 - Requitment
Only an autoriced Officer are allowed to accept or decline an Application. After you have been invited into the Guild, you will start your trial period. A trial period can last from a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 1 month. If you have been an earlier member you will also start as a trial. At the end of this period you will either become a member or be rejected. Ones you have left the guild it's forever. It's only in rare situations you are allowed to come back. Do not question any officer's decision on who joins and who has been removed from the guild.

1.2 - Guild ranks
Guild Master, Raid leader and Role leader are allowed to promote or demote a member. The guild ranks are given for how we think you can preform.

1.3 - Guild forum
You have to register with your Arathor main Character name on the forum. Unknown forum names will first get a PM (Private message) about this abuse. If this PM is being ignored the unknown account will be deleted. All members must use the forum. We use the forum to contribute to ideas and information, this may also help with your rank in the guild. Keep the guild forum free for any spam, non-English language and caps lock writing. By clicking on the "I Agree to these terms" button when making an account on this forum, you agree to follow the Guild rules and forum rules. You accept to not post anything with sexual, racial and/or harassment. You agree to keep your password secret, only you are allowed access too your account. You agree to post no advertising of commercial products or events. If your name or post are inappropriate, the name or post will be deleted without warning. Administrators and moderators on the forum have the right to delete or edit your post, and this may happen without notice.

1.4 - Guild chat, global chats and outside the guild
As a guild member you will keep the chat in guild and global chats (General, Trade, LocalDefense, LookingForGuild and LookingForGroup) in English. Do not abuse these chats with spam or caps lock. You have to keep an civil tone with all members of the guild, and other players in game. Do not use the guild chat for problems or constructive debate, this will be posted on the forum.
Do not bring shame to this guild. Outside players are different from yourself. Age, nationality, culture, and other. Respect that they are different, and back out of a bad situation without making it messy. Be nice to people, and they will most likely be nice back.

1.5 - Grievance
Any player who has issues with another member must contact an officer. Explain it either in game or a PM on the forum. If you are asking questions that can easily be found on Thottbot (or a similar site) or searched on Google (or a similar search engine) may get ignored.

2. 0 - Midnightsun Raid rules

The invites for raid usually starts 19:45 (server time). The raid invites will be given out according to raid balance. The officers have right to do fair invite rotations, even during the raid time, in order to give everyone the chance to play during the raid week. Bothering officers and/or raid leader about raid spot may decrease your chance to join. During the raids, the ML (Master Looter) will always be active. We expect that you, as a member of Midnightsun, are able to listen to the raid leader tactics, and preform the task that has been given to you. If you have suggestion or a different strategy, write it on this forum and it will be taken into consideration. You have to join atleast one (1) progress raid each week, Wednesday does not count as a progress raid. Transgressing in any moment to the raid rules will compromise your chance to join the next raid. It will also compromise you taking part of the current raid. Leaving the raid for futile reasons and without having planned it with officers or raid leader will make the officers take adequate consequences.

3.0 - Midnightsun Loot rules

Midnightsun use a DKP (Dragon Kill Points) system to keep track of your activity in raids. This system will also give you points for your performance. DKP points will be spent on loot. There will be an auction for each item, the highest bidder for that item will win. You can not spend so mush DKP that you will have minus DKP on your account. Master looter will always be active during a raid. The DKP system we use is as following:

  • 1 DKP reward per 6 minute
  • 25 DKP reward per boss kill
  • 50 DKP reward for first time boss kill
  • 10 DKP minimum bid
  • Contribution in progress raids will give you an increase of DKP recieved

If the loot for some reason show up on your screen, you are to click PASS on all the item(s). Only the master looter are allowed to distribute the loot correctly. If you for any reason got an item that was not yours, you have to return the item either to the master looter or the rightful winner.

Issues that may result in dismissal from the Guild:

  • Giving the guild a bad name.
  • Begging for gold and/or items.
  • Failure to comply with officers.
  • Disruption of guild chat, or spamming any channels during a raid.
  • Disregard of members feelings.
  • Inactivity.
  • Whining/arguing about DKP or looting rules.
  • Whining about not getting a spot in a raid.
  • Racism will not be tolerated.
  • Violation of any of the Guild rules.

Issues that will result in dismissal from the Guild:

  • Sharing your World of Warcraft account with another person.
  • Ninja looting during dungeons.
  • Failure too comply with any of the World of Warcraft legal documents.

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Midnightsun's Guild rules
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