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 Interested?! Read this first!

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Interested?! Read this first! Empty
PostSubject: Interested?! Read this first!   Interested?! Read this first! I_icon_minitimeMon 04 Jan 2010, 08:44

Before you make an application:

The first and most important is to check if we need you! You can check that [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]. That post contains a list of currently open
class spots, if your class/spec is not listed as OPEN there your chances of
getting accepted for a Trial are slim. If you're still planning to apply, even if your class/spec is currently
not open for recruitment we won't stop you, but it recuires that you have extremly good gear and
raid experience.

Our guild organisation:
Guild master <- Raid leader <- Role leader <- Officer <- Member <- Alt <- Trial <- Social

This is our raid schedule for the moment:
Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday (Monday / Tuesday sometimes): Raid from 19:45 to 23:00

When posting your apply a little info about your talent spec and your experiences of
dungeons, which spec did you choose, why, and how has it been working out for you.

If you're playing a Hybrid class and are applying to a specific position we expect you to have
a good command of the expected role and we also expect you to actually enjoy this particular
role. Also it is nice to see someone outline what they hope to achieve ingame, what qualities they
might bring to the guild and why this guild helps you with achieving those goals.

Posting on our forum:
To keep everything clean and simple on the forum, we need you to use your main character
name as account name. That is to keep your World of Warcraft account save (if you use the
same username in two places), or to notise who says what. Guests are not able to post links
due to security reasons.

Private Applications:
We understand that due to the very limited Hordeside PvE progression on Arathor you'd
rather be safe than sorry when attempting to change guilds. If you'd like to give an
application to Midnightsun, without running any risk of losing your current guild, you can
send your application as a Private Message to one of our role leaders. Your
Application will be treated confidential, and wont leave our boards.

So you made it / didn't make it:
You can ask any officer about your status on your application. Wisper them ingame to get the
most up-to-date answer. If you get a negative response for some reason, most likely because
we just don't need your class and/or spec. Make sure to check back on our open spots from time
to time, maybe its a new open spot for you.

If you got accepted for Trial: Congratulations! Trials generally last "as long as they have
to", which in reality is 3-5 weeks.

You still want to apply? Good luck!

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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Interested?! Read this first!
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