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 Healing priest [ACCEPTED]

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PostSubject: Healing priest [ACCEPTED]   Healing priest [ACCEPTED] I_icon_minitimeSun 07 Feb 2010, 16:34

Your name:
Nadim Farhat
What do you do for a living / education ? What else do you do? Games/sports/hobbies/... ?
am a biomedical Engineer with Masters Degree, i go to gym and i like playin g chess
Your character:
Class and spec:
Priest Holy

Are you applying for a raiding position or a social position/friend?:

a combo maybe dunno it s up for the guild to decide, so Raid-Social
Guild History:

Aedis Mortiferi ( they were too much priests we agreed that i leave since i was the newest)
Natural Born sheep, they wanted me to be a spriest i accepted at first but did not like job of dpsing

Armory link:
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i consider my gear Very good for all icc 10 but for icc 25 it is good for the first two quarters.

Please list a sample rotation/priority system you use, and explain your choice of talents.

i dont believe in rotations for a healer, but i usually try to have the highest haste possible
as holy by using serendipity
and Shield in DSc

Raid attendance:
Twice per week sometimes it can be more,that is why i was asking for a raid-social spot, am not greedy for gear as Much wanting to see how the lich king will Die

Raid experience:
From ICC
got experience for princes rotface and fester ,( blood queen, and Sindergosa and professor havent attempted them yet)

Please post a recent screen shot:
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hope it will load:P

dont remember full names, all i remember is typing /who midnightsun after raiding wit hthem

Guild rules:

How is your Internet connection?
I can assure no disconnection.

Why would you like to join Midnight sun?:
When i pugged with Midnightsun , people were polite, social and helpful, they wanted to go up to
Deathbringer , but they continued and we wiped a few times at rotface they did not leave. i liked the level of commitment they have .
Anything else:
, i will committed, by joining to raid on time and pay my own repair bills, potions and bring food and always read tacks and watch videos before any raid. i am searching for a friendly guild to be committed in . thx u
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PostSubject: Re: Healing priest [ACCEPTED]   Healing priest [ACCEPTED] I_icon_minitimeMon 08 Feb 2010, 08:29

Social are more reserved for friends. And they will not have priority when we invite for raids. But I can give you a raiding spot. Application accepted. Wisper any role leader ingame for a ginvite.

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Healing priest [ACCEPTED]
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