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 Star Trek Online

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PostSubject: Star Trek Online   Star Trek Online I_icon_minitimeTue 09 Feb 2010, 07:27

For us trekkies the Federation has granted us an opportunity once more to join in the fight for peace in the alpha quadrant. And this time as an MMORPG bounce

A few bugs and lots of server disconnections and a whole new world to get used to. I've tried it and it has promise but it is by no means a competitor to wow.
You play in space with your very own spaceship you command and there are also ground missions where you play "wow-style". PvP I think will only be in space tho.
As you progress in ranks you earn experience which is the currency you use to buy newer ships/upgrades and even officer crew.

Havent gotten the hang of how the instance works but it will be somewhat similar to wow. (Most these days are a copy/ripoff of wow both in terms and style)

For you that have played EvE Online this will be a bit more "too your liking". I mean... how much color can you put in a dark universe? sunny

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Star Trek Online
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